Happy Together (Rules & Details)


We try to be pleasant, fun, reliable people.

Also, we’d prefer to be your friend, not “the enforcer.” But if we’re going to maintain the kind of atmosphere at The Old Chapel that we want it to have, some rules are necessary. Here they are:

*No tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs may be used or kept by residents or guests anywhere on the property.

*No pets (fish, small birds, etc. are OK).

*Be considerate of your neighbors.

*Don’t leave trash around the complex.

*Beyond that, you can expect the normal stuff like keeping noise down, don’t put holes in the walls, etc.


About housekeeping and keeping things tidy (inside and outside).  Again, we don’t want to be your mother.  But it is our observation that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who like to live in immaculate surroundings, and those who can do just fine in less-than-tidy circumstances.  We are looking for the former.

If you’re the latter, and become grumpy if you’re asked to keep things neat and clean, perhaps the Chapel isn’t for you.


Rents range from $1,100 to $1,700 per month plus utilities, depending on the size and special features of each unit.

Deposit is $500. You pay all utilities. Gas and electricity will be hooked up in your name and will be billed by the local utility companies based on your usage. We’ll bill you monthly for water, sewer, garbage (the monthly amount is presently $55, but may change).

Contracts run for one year, longer if you prefer.


Google Fiber (free Internet), and two network lines (Cat 5) are pre-installed to several locations in each apartment.  You are welcome to use the free Google Fiber, or arrange Internet and/or cable TV at your discretion with a provider of your choice, at your expense.

Basic TV is available at no cost via the coax cable pre-installed in each apartment.  It’s basic for sure.  But it’s free.

Telephone land lines.  If you need a telephone land line, it can be provided, at your expense, via the above-mentioned Cat 5 lines that are pre-installed to your apartment.  Contact the phone provider of your choice.


The Old Chapel is an absolutely first-class place.  We are interested in attracting people who will appreciate it and help keep it nice in every way. We believe that as owners/managers, we also have a responsibility to contribute to the overall quality of The Old Chapel by responding promptly when maintenance items need attention, by keeping the exterior in immaculate condition, by responding to your needs and complaints, etc. We are committed to do that.


If The Old Chapel appeals to you and you think you would like to be with us, (or if you have any questions), please give Greg a call at 801/836-3894, or call Sam at 801/830-2429 during the day. Signing a contract, and paying the $500 deposit and first month’s rent will secure a unit for you.

You will need to have this Application printed and filled out.

Thanks again for your interest.  We think you’ll really like The Old Chapel Apartments!